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What’s a Brzuch Muzeum

Brzuch Muzeum (Museum Gut) is the museum normally inaccessible to the public. It’s what’s on the other side of the gallery, what happens before a painting is put on a wall, before we open an exhibition. It’s what happens behind the scenes, backstage, it’s the museum through a keyhole.

The name of the blog refers to the happening titled „Bżuh Mózeum” organised by Joanna Warsza and Michał Gorczyca during the Night of Museums in 2009. It was the night when the visitors could see the parts of the museum which usually remain inaccessible – the power room, rooms, carpenter studios, emergency exit systems, hoists, control rooms, director’s office and security rooms – places where the museum employees function on daily basis, invisible to visitors, and yet crucial for the content and profile of the institution. On the one hand, the happening referred to the uncompromising gestures of futurists who proclaimed the supremacy of technology over art, called for the destruction of museums, ordered artists to work in the streets and factories, and on the other – to institutional criticism, which pointed to the complexity of social, political, and symbolic contexts of public institutions.

The Museum Gut blog is an on-line continuation of this happening. You’ll see how we work, how we prepare the exhibitions, how we look after our exhibits. You’ll discover that „museum” does not equal „boring”.

We’ll show you the museum you never knew existed.
The blog will be written by the Museum employees, people full of passion and commitment to their work. Museum is not only its collection, it’s also the people who make it possible for you to admire these collections in the galleries.

Come and visit the Brzuch Muzeum!

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