Olga Boznańska, Autoportret, 1897

Olga Boznańska has returned home

After numerous adventures – restoration works, research, exhibitions lasting continuously since October 2014 – Olga Boznańska returned home to the Krakow museum. A selection of her masterpieces can be seen again as part of the permanent exhibition in the Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Art.

Therefore, having gained experience at the exhibition and acquired knowledge of its inspirations, one can once again admire the mysterious Girl with Chrysanthemums, the romantic Flower Girls, the portrait of the chief Munich decadent of the turn of the century – the handsome Paweł Nauen, the dignified matron – Jadwiga née Sanguszko, or the modern depictions of views from the artist’s atelier window.

Olga Boznańska, the Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Art
Olga Boznańska at the Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Art, photo by Jacek Złoczowski, Photography Studio, National Museum of Cracow

Boznańska returned in full glory – richer in experience and, above all, acknowledged. This modest painter, unable – or perhaps unwilling – to look after her own interests, to whom Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński wrote:

“And now, before I finish, I must “tell you off”. Your financial affairs are going to the dogs, forget it, to whole packs of dogs, dead ones at that. The evidence? You have sold three paintings and given away the fourth one, whose value exceeds the sum received for the sold works. The result: instead of profits, all you have in your pocket is loss. This was a very nasty deal, and I dare say that others are in the same style…”

attracted a record number of visitors for Polish conditions!

The exhibitions at the National Museum in Krakow and the National Museum in Warsaw were visited by nearly a hundred and sixty-nine thousand viewers.

Meanwhile, Dr Ewa Bobrowska and I are still toying with the idea of publishing a complete catalogue of Olga Boznańska’s works. The exhibition only confirmed us in that intention! We believe that her artistic output features over 1,200 paintings. It’s an impressive number, which constitutes quite a challenge for us since our ambition is to present all her works. However, Boznańska undoubtedly deserves such a compilation.

Hence our request – if you are in possession of any paintings by the Artist, please contact me: ukozakowska@mnk.pl.
Naturally, we guarantee full confidentiality! Perhaps it would be worthwhile to mention the painting hanging on your wall in our publication. Not only will it confirm its authenticity, but it will also affect its value.

Urszula Kozakowska-ZauchaUrszula Kozakowska – co-curator (with Ewa Bobrowska PhD) of Olga Boznańska exhibition at National Museum in Krakow,  art historian, director of  Modern Polish Painting and Sculpture Department of the NMK.

Exhibition “Olga Boznańska”

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