Backstage sesji fotograficznej do wystawy "Modna i już! Moda w PRL-u", fot. Pracownia Fotograficzna MNK

FASHIONable – behind the scenes of the photo shoot

We are presenting the first part of our material featuring the activities behind the scenes of our photo shoot for the exhibition FASHIONable In Communist Poland, which will soon open in the Main Building of the NMK. In this section we are unveiling some secrets and show you the unusual creations – so different from the grey everyday reality of the communist Poland – authored by the designers from the state-owned enterprise “Moda Polska” [“Polish Fashion”]: Karolina Paroll and Jerzy Antkowiak, which you will see next month in all their glory.
There were five photo shoots, the effects of which will be published in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition. And we owe it all to our ingenious team:

  • Creative and artistic coordination: Sara Damm, Jacek Świderski
  • The NMK Photography Studio supervised by Jacek Świderski: Bartosz Cygan, Mateusz Szczypiński, Jacek Złoczowski, Mirosław Żak
  • Styling and layout: Sara Damm
  • Make-up: Barbara Bajerek
  • Hair styling: Sebastian Hubert
  • Models: Beata Augustyniak, Monika Partyka, Martyna Szopa

Next week – another batch of top-notch photography!

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