Beata Romanowicz, kustosz MNK

Curator’s privilege. A story about ceramics

It is the privilege of the exhibition curator to work in direct contact with a masterpiece.

The most fascinating vessels are those with weighty clay body, partly covered with heavily dripping glaze. Its drops, lazily flowing down the belly of the vessel, set at some point. The suddenly halted drop hanging over the base of the vessel creates a certain narrative – as if the bowl was talking about a suddenly interrupted journey. Such unique moments captured in the 11th, 12th, 13th centuries…
An unforgettable moment for me is the experience of the contrast between touching the smooth glazed surface and the rough crude base.

However, even a curator cannot experience what the Chinese felt while drinking tea from these unique bowls. The impressions of the 13th-century sages bent over the aroma of this beverage will forever remain in the realm of our imagination.

Beata Romanowicz – a grant beneficiary of the Government of China, the Government of Japan, the Japan Foundation. Author and co-author of exhibitions of Japanese art, author of numerous articles and books about Japanese woodcuts and other themes. Co-author – along with curator Beata Pacana – of the exhibition In the Realm of the Dragon. Chinese Art in the Collections of the National Museum in Krakow.

Photo of Beata Romanowicz – Mirosław Żak, Photography Studio of the NMK.

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