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Andrzej Betlej

Therefore – about the Museum!

It all started with an e-mail from Magda in New Media: ’18 May is an International Museum Day – would you like to write something for our museum blog ‘Brzuch Muzeum’ (Museum Gut) on this occasion? The text doesn’t have to be long (ideally no longer than 2000 characters) and if you’d like to accompany it with photos, we’ll be happy to assist in obtaining them.’ OK. 2000 characters, seemingly not so many, and if the text is meant to appear on such an important day, it can’t be about nothing. Continue reading

Teodora Teofila Wyspiańskia zd. Pytko

Could Wyspiański possibly love her?

The exhibition Long live art! Feliks Jasieński’s collection. From Japan to Europe. Beautiful and useful Objects features a pastel Self-portrait with Wife by Stanisław Wyspiański. Looking at the artist’s depiction of his wife of four years, wearing beads, we cannot help but wonder: how did the marriage between a sensitive, educated artist and a simple uneducated peasant woman come about? Was the then fashionable folkmania the only reason? Continue reading